Jennifer Kesse
Missing from Orlando, FL
Since January 24, 2006

"Anyone with information in the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse is asked to call Crimeline at 1-800-423-tips (8477)""
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Kesse Family Letter

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Orlando Police Department’s press conference on 1-24-18, in Orlando. We would especially like to thank The Lynx Bus system, the bus created for Jennifer’s awareness is very impactful. It is without a doubt the best picture of the Person of Interest who dropped Jennifer’s car the day she was taken, just down the street from her home. Also we would like to thank Outfront Media. The generosity the company showed utilizing 18 Billboards that were displaying Jennifer’s face and a Telephone number to call in Tips throughout the state is something desperately needed for Jennifer and something, we, her family simply can’t afford. Thank you to the public who have walked with us through Jennifer’s nightmare supporting us the whole way through thus far. You give us courage and strength to fight on. Thank you to all the media outlets that continue to support the fight to find Jennifer by always being there to cover her heinous crime. desperately trying to be solved. Without you Jennifer would not have a chance in Hell of even being known to people after 12 years GONE.

As expressed by our family after the press conference, we are now at a point in time 12 years later we feel as Jennifer’s family, have a legal right to have “Our Family’s Investigative and legal team” access Jennifer’s case files in an effort to see if the talented people we have assembled can put even one more piece of the puzzle together. We, the Kesse’s, are not looking personally to see the files, we are not investigators. We have talented people to do that for us at no cost to the City of Orlando. In the past 6 months we have, through our legal team, been requesting files of Jennifer’s through the Public Information office as anyone may request. It has been difficult to say the least when in return of your requests the Information office sends us totally redacted(blacked out) pages, meaning Police and the City of Orlando will not by regular Public information request give us any case information. The next step in the process since Orlando Police have refused to give us information is by legal means through our court system. So when people see or read that The Kesse’s are “SUING” the Orlando Police department, it’s for access to Jennifer’s case files, not for money as many think. We simply are following the set out procedures by law one has to follow if they wish to gain access to a Police file after being refused multiple times. This is not an easy task and it will be at great expense to all involved both personally and monetarily. It is an avenue we must go down if we have any chance of finding Jennifer. Protection of one’s prosecution at this point is trying to trump the need to find a Human being who was Taken against her will 12 years ago with no movement forward in the case. We need your support to have the opportunity to find our daughter with the information the authorities have gained to date. Let me repeat that; Authorities at this point are more concerned about the prosecution of an unknown Abductor case if ever solved, as opposed to finding Jennifer. That is where our systems priorities are, not where this family’s are. The only thing that matters at this point is the recovery of Jennifer Kesse, everything else will fall in place. This family will fight for what is right and we fight hard when we do. Simple cooperation is what is needed 12 years later not altercation. There is no room for Politics, Power and Money to drive this case yet that is what we see. If anyone of the people fighting us were in our place they would be doing exactly the same thing and most have told us so. So let’s skip the games when Human life is involved and investigate to win. See you in Court.

May the Universe show us a path to Jennifer and may she be found with peace and grace.

Drew, Joyce, Logan & Katie Kesse

"Any and all information please call Orlando police department- homicide department at 407-246-3982 and ask to speak with Detective Teresa Sprague."

"Si tiene alguna información sobre Jennifer, póngase en contacto con la policía de Orlando, detective Teresa Sprague al 407-246-3982."Gracias


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Jennifer Kesse 9 Year Age Progression
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Jennifer Kesse Business Cards
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Certain Sorrows Never Fade.
- By Brigitte
“And no matter what anybody says about grief and about time healing all wounds, the truth is, there are certain sorrows that never fade away until the heart stops beating and the last breath is taken” – Tiffanie DeBartolo



-The Search For Jennifer Kesse –  

It has been 10+ years since Jennifer’s Abduction, we understand that many visitors to this website are looking for more information about what happened to our daughter, Jennifer, from the beginning. We are very grateful to the local and national media for all the coverage that has been provided for Jennifer and to our search efforts - they have done a tremendous job. We cannot say enough about the support of residents in the Orlando/ Central Florida area and the volunteers who have come from all parts of our state and country, including tourists visiting the area who have donated their time to assist with our search efforts and continue to help us keep awareness for Jennifer high. Jennifer needs to come home and for no ones sake more than her own. The heinous crime of Abduction is something no one should ever experience.

As means of re-capping Jennifer’s abduction - Jennifer, was reported missing when she failed to show up for work at Central Florida Investments, on the morning of Tuesday January 24th, 2006 in Orlando Fl. after a long weekend in St. Croix with her boyfriend and other friends (they Flew both ways, there was no cruise as some people think). For those of us close to Jennifer, we knew something was wrong immediately. If she was going to be late for work or a meeting she would call. In fact Jennifer had good routines she and her boyfriend (who lives hours away in south Florida and Jennifer in Orlando) called each other everyday while driving to work in the morning and would speak with each other every night before going to bed, having a long distance relationship, seeing each other on weekends and Holidays. On Monday, the morning of 1/23/06, Jennifer left her boyfriends home in south Florida and drove directly to work in Ocoee Fl, not going home first but directly to her work as she usually did when she stayed the weekend in south Florida. On the night of Monday January 23rd, Jennifer left work at approx 6pm, walking out of the building, where she worked with her boss and wishing each other a good evening and will meet again in the morning. That evening, Jennifer talked to her Father, Mother, Brother and later with some friends and her boyfriend by phone as usual and that was the last anyone has seen or heard from Jennifer – Telephone call to her boyfriend at 9:57 pm 1/23/06 – Monday night. 

Jennifer and her boyfriend did not talk the morning of Tuesday, January 24th. Her boyfriend called Jennifer at work and was told she had not arrived yet. When she did not show up for work, her employer immediately called us, her family, to see if we knew where Jennifer was, we tried to reach her at her condo and on her cell phone and computer but attempts were unsuccessful. Police were notified and the journey into Jennifer’s personal Hell began. Reaction was quick, within 2 hours of not being at work - her disappearance was known and being acted on by family and police. Upon reaching Jennifer’s condominium by mid afternoon, we found it normal. Everything was clan and in place. She had obviously slept in her bed, taken a shower (wet towel and shower) and had a couple outfits on the bed she was choosing to wear. Her tracks seem to cease from when she left her condo for work usually around 7:30-7:45am each work day. By 4 pm, family and friends of Jennifer had fliers made and being distributed within the immediate area of her condominium located at Mosaic at Millenia condominiums next to the Mall at Meillenia, Orlando, Fl. and awareness has not stopped since.

On Thursday 1/26/06 at high noon, police were notified that Jennifer's car was abandoned in a condominium complex 1.2 miles down the same road from where she lived in The Huntington on the Green Condominiums at the corner of Texas and Americana Ave in Orlando, Fl.. Her car was parked by a Suspect (on video) who pulled into a visitors parking space waited 32 seconds to exit her car and walked away, never looking back. Please see the video of the Suspect on this website. There is a reward of up to $5,000 for the identification and/or whereabouts of Jennifer. Tips may be called into Crimeline 1-800-423-8477 or to FBI directly @ 1-866-838-1153. There were valuables left in Jennifer’s car, so police do not feel it was for robbery or carjacking, but for Jennifer, herself. Bloodhounds tracked a scent from where her car was found back to her condo complex losing the scent on Jennifer’s condo property. Tips CONTINUE to come in for which we are thankful for.

Jennifer is a strong, fun loving, career minded, responsible young woman. If she was running late to work she would have called which is why we all became concerned immediately. At no time had Jennifer shown signs of discontent with her life, relationships or work environment, quite the opposite in fact. 

Please keep Jennifer in your thoughts and visit this website for updates and pass it on often to all you know – Awareness will find Jennifer. Please think about everyone you know - if you believe someone you know or suspect someone you may know or might be involved, please call Crimeline or FBI immediately and share that information it may be nothing or it may be the missing piece of information that will help bring Jennifer home . Thank you for caring, keeping Jennifer in the forefront of your minds and please never give up on her, someone knows something.

Joyce & Drew & Logan Kesse

“ To her own reflection she said, I will be strong”
-author unknown

Please Keep Posting Jennifer's Spanish Flyer Also!


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Pictures of Jennifer Kesse

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This is Jennifer. A very beautiful woman missing from a family that wants nothing more than her safe return home. Please help us find her! smile.jpg (21410 bytes)


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For an excellent article and 4 minute video with CBS Early Morning Show with Howard Smith about Jennifer Kesse's Disappearance - Click Here

Everyone asks - What Can We Do Next To Help?

Here's your answer

  • Tape them to your car windows.

  • Ask everyone you know close to you to put one on their car window also. 

  • Send a couple copies to anyone in your family that doesn't have a printer and lives in Central Florida

  • Ask them to put them on their cars also.

  • Stop by every truck stop you see and talk to some of the drivers and give them flyers. Ask them to drop them off at their next stop.

  • Stop by businesses with fleet vans and ask them to put the flyers in their side windows.

  • Most grocery and department stores use front windows for displays, display these flyers there.

  • Phone booths are rare, but tape flyers on the ones that are there.

  • If you have family in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana or South Carolina, send them the links and ask them to do the same thing.

  • Remember - The objective is to turn Central Florida into a moving billboard of Jennifer's profile. The more flyers moving through the area, the more eyes we'll have out looking for her.





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