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Acronyms/Terms Used in this Forum:
« on: July 28, 2011, 08:49:54 AM »
JK  Jennifer Kesse
Bo  or "BO" Bloodhound dog used to track POI scent. Forum info: Unconfirmed if scent POI's. Scent possibly JK's(?)
CFI  Central Florida Investments  Where JK worked. (Same as "Westgate"? Or where referenced as "Ocoee" ?).
CSI  Crime Scene Investigation
Danny from Canada  K9 (canine) searcher (need better term(s) here.)
Danny the Canadian  same as above
D-day Day of J.K.'s abduction. Sometime between 10pmMon,23Jan06 and work report-time 830am? Tues,24Jan06.
Drew  Jennifer's father
FDLE  Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Fort Lauderdale   FL city where Rob, Jennifer's boyfriend lived/lives?
GB  Guest Book for website dedicated to finding Jennifer Kesse.
Hataway  see JVH
HOG  Huntington on the Green - Orlando condos where JK's car was found parked, by POI & caught on HOG video.
HOTG  same as above
HT  Human Trafficking

JH  James Hataway (aka jimmy or JVH) A suspect cleared by LE, now serving Life in prison for other crimes. Slim possibility that he holds info about JK because it is believed that he has lied extensively about other things. (all this needs confirmed/better wording).
JVH  James Virgil Hataway
Joyce  Jennifer's mother
LE  Law Enforcement
LEO  Law Enforcement Officers (LEO has differing use in forum?)
Logan  Jennifer's brother
Malibu  Jennifer's Car, 2004 Chevy Malibu 4 door. OPD found @HOG condos Thurs, am? 26Jan06, 2 days post abduction. HOG surveillance video shows car being parked @HOG 12noon? same day as abduction.
Mall at Millenia  shopping mall near Jennifer's condo.
Mosaic   condo complex where Jennifer lived for 2 months prior to absuction. 24Nov05 to 24Jan06.
NG   Nancy Grace - tv news person. Interviewed JK's parents on air twice?. Transcripts are readily found.
Ocoee  City in FL where WG/CFI are located - usually used when referring to JK's place of work?

OBT  Orange Blossom Trail (need a short concise description of how this relates to JK case)
OLE  Orlando Law Enforcement
OPD  Orlando Police Dept
POI  Person Of Interest
Rob  Jennifer's boyfriend
ST  Sex Trafficking
St. Croix  island in U.S. virgin islands where JK and Rob vacationed the weekend prior to abduction.
'Tradition Apartments'  'Mosaic' was known as this, before being bought up by ColdWell Banker the developers, and restructured into 'Mosaic @ Millenia' condos.
VI  U.S. virgin islands
WESH  tv news station and on web in Orlando, FL
WG  Westgate - where JK worked- as a financial analyst? for 2 years?
WFTV  Orlando News and Central Florida news on tv

Terms in forum, but not directly case-related:
(Might be obvious to some, but if you do not watch enough TV, then you may need this, as I did, especially when they were misspelled in the forum).

NCIS  fictional tv show Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
Zeva  actual spelling is "Ziva" female detective on tv show NCIS.
"Zeva star"  an pseudo award given to a forum member for being a good detective. (fictional award).
Abbie  actual spelling is "Abby" female forensic scientist on tv show NCIS.
Abbies  plural, and same as above                                      
Denosos  plural of Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on tv show NCIS