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General Discussion / What does OPD have?
« on: February 19, 2018, 11:21:58 PM »
MPEA recently posted feeling as though OPD is not any closer to solving Jenn's case than they were 12 years ago. That has me wondering what does OPD have that will help solve this case? As much as I appreciate that there are buses with Jennifer's face (and the POI image) this tells me they are still asking the initial questions from day 3 - who is POI?

They have her phone records (hopefully). They would know if there were any calls after Jenn talked to Rob at 10pm on the 23rd. The Kesses probably have Jenn's phone records too because they were probably paying the bills after Jenn vanished. So, there must not be a whole lot in there because it seems pretty clear the Kesses are still trying to figure out who did this.

We already know none of Jenn's credit cards, bank accounts, etc have been touched since she went missing, so that's not secret information.

There is now a lot of information coming out in the public from people who have reported tips to OPD and were never followed up with. So, that makes me think OPD doesn't have a secret witness account or speculation of who took Jenn if they didn't even bother to follow up on tips that were coming in. How can you narrow down which ones are credible if you don't even check them out in the first place?

So, WHAT could OPD possibly have?? If the Kesses win their lawsuit, are they even going to find anything worthwhile in the files? I'm starting to worry that OPD has nothing and their real reason for keeping the files closed is because they have nothing. It would definitely make for an angry family and public supporters if there's nothing in there. Not the kind of publicity OPD wants.

General Discussion / Media Links - Interviews
« on: February 19, 2018, 05:01:12 AM »
Here's a good refresher on the timeline of Jenn's disappearance. This interview on Greta Van Susteren from 2014 has multiple people close to Jenn interviewed, including Drew and Joyce, Logan, Rob, and her best friend, Lauren.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

General Discussion / Break-In to Kesses' Car
« on: February 14, 2018, 03:43:56 AM »
On the day of the press conference this year, somebody broke into Drew and Joyce's vehicle in a parking lot surrounded by cops, reporters and cameras. They got away with very little - I believe some cash, credit cards - Drew said nothing that couldn't be replaced. However, the fact this happened bugs the crap out of me and I have been wondering ever since if there's more meaning behind it.

The Kesses have Jenn's missing person flyer on their van, so it's no secret that it was their vehicle. What are the chances that someone just happened to pick this vehicle - and only this vehicle to rob - that day? If the robber knew the purpose for the press conference, and knew this was the victim's family, that just makes them cold and heartless. If the robber didn't know anything about the press conference, they just happened to pick that van out of pure coincidence? No way.

Was this supposed to be a message to scare the Kesses or intimidate them? How is it that nobody saw anything? That takes some serious balls. Something just isn't right about this.

General Discussion / The truth was all over Logan's face...
« on: January 24, 2018, 09:52:24 AM »
Drew and Joyce have always worked hard to keep a positive relationship with OPD, but it seemed pretty clear at today's press conference that Logan Kesse is just done. He looked so fed up and angry and I can't blame him. When the chief said Jenn's case was an active case and Logan was furiously shaking his head, "no," I realized Logan was representing what this family must really want to say after all these years, after the way that OPD did screw this case up. Good for you, Logan. I hope you get the chance to say exactly what you're thinking to the media after the press conference because it's time for those things to be said. It's time, it's time, it's time.

General Discussion / 12 Years and Your Conscience
« on: January 24, 2018, 09:45:14 AM »
One thing that is abundantly clear is that this isn't going away. If you know something about the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse, you need to understand that nobody is giving up. You picked the wrong girl. Her family isn't giving up, OPD isn't giving up, the media isn't giving up, strangers who don't even know Jenn aren't giving up. The podcast will keep getting attention, more people will get involved in this case.

The POI image is on a bus, on billboards, the reward money has been increased. It's been 12 years and this is NOT going away. Come forward. We are watching, we will keep watching, you will be found, Jennifer will come home.

General Discussion / Merry Christmas
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:30:41 AM »
Merry Christmas to all of you. Enjoy your time with your loved ones and keep them close. I still hold out hope every day that Jenn will be returned to her loved ones.

General Discussion / Unconcluded - 12th Episode
« on: October 16, 2017, 01:00:48 AM »
Hey all,

I'm just jotting down notes as I listen to the 12th episode and hope we can discuss the information that is revealed!

Oh man - Drew talking about wanting to get the locks changed for Jennifer and it didn't get done because she wanted to finish getting settled in. :( He also said he picked the condo. :( It's obviously not Drew's fault in the slightest, but understandable that this would be difficult for him to live with in the aftermath. So sad.

One thought I did have - Drew mentions several people had keys to her condo. He confirms he had one as did Rob. Logan would have had one for the weekend. I always wondered if one of the guys who stayed at the condo over the weekend had the chance to make their own copy.

Drew discovered there was a pedophile living in the apartment next to Jennifer's. The pedophile has since passed away after moving to Texas.

Someone knocked on Jennifer's door Monday night, January 23, but she didn't answer. She believed it was her upstairs neighbor.

A resident who lived at Jennifer's complex in the spring of 2006 reported hearing someone trying to use a key to enter their unit.

General Discussion / POI Going Back to Mosaic
« on: June 28, 2017, 03:17:57 AM »
It just occurred to me...there are a couple things that can be determined based on the fact that Bo tracked POI's scent from HOG to the bottom of the stairwell at Jenn's condo...

POI is not just someone who was paid to drop off a car. He knew were she lived and he had a purpose for going back to Mosaic. That means either:

1. He was a construction worker who was going back to work or to get his stuff out of one of the condos and get out of there.

2. He had some kind of business that needed to be done at Jenn's condo. Maybe he needed her briefcase, he had to clean up evidence, or he was staging the condo to make it look like Jenn got ready for work that morning. (The fact that POI was tracked backed to Mosaic really does add some credibility to the possibility of a staging. If he bothered to stage the car at HOG, why wouldn't he bother to stage the apartment?) He might have even been the one to take a shower.

He would have had her keys, he wouldn't have raised any suspicions of people on the property since there were so many workers. He went to Mosaic for a reason and if he wasn't a construction worker then we know he was doing something in Jenn's condo.

General Discussion / Happy Birthday, Jennifer
« on: May 20, 2017, 02:40:36 AM »
Happy Birthday, sweet Jenn.

General Discussion / 11 Years
« on: January 26, 2017, 02:52:46 AM »
Not a day goes by that I don't think about Jenn and the Kesses. Always hoping for a miracle. xoxo

General Discussion / Crime Watch Daily Piece
« on: March 26, 2016, 07:36:03 PM »
Hey guys,

Crime Watch Daily did a piece about Jenn this past week. If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out here:

A few comments I wanted to make on this:

1. WHY would Orlando PD decline an interview about this? Jenn's case is probably averaging 1-2 opportunities a year to reach a national audience (and in some cases international) through shows such as this. It's a golden opportunity to keep her face and story going. I could understand turning down an interview if they were asking for interviews every week, but that's not the case after 10 years. I'm really disappointed in this and I can only hope the reason they declined an interview is because they're working on a new lead, and by doing an interview, it could compromise the investigation.

2. Viewers have the chance to see POI at a new angle...HEAD ON. (Maybe it's been out there in the public before, but I've never seen it after my 7 years studying this case.) While you can't identify POI by his face because the footage is too grainy, you can get a better idea of what his body looked like. I think he's actually quite chubby. I always thought he was very muscular and fit (like perhaps military) based on the photos we've seen of his arms from the side, but when you look at his chest and stomach, he seems much more round in figure.

3. Drew says that while Rob has been interviewed/polygraphed by police time and time again, LE is not interviewing people those close to Jenn believe need a second look. Also worth noting is that Jenn's ex who was drunk in the bar near her condo the night of/before her abduction is maybe still pretty high on the list of suspects according to those closest to Jenn.

Thanks to Crime Watch Daily for featuring Jenn's story!

General Discussion / 10 Years
« on: January 23, 2016, 12:15:45 AM »
I cannot believe we are almost to 10 years. Absolutely cannot believe it. I think I've been following Jennifer's case for 7 years and I thought for sure it not only could be, but would be, solved by now. So unfair. When I think about the 10 year marker approaching, I'm just honestly stunned, and all I can do is shake my head. Someone got away with this for 10 years. Someone probably watched the Kesses plead over and over and OVER again for answers. All they want is to bring Jennifer home and that person doesn't even have the decency to give them that after everything else they've taken from this family?!? Disgusting. I will always be supporting Jennifer and the Kesses, as long as it takes to bring her home. But it's well beyond time. RIGHT NOW. God bless Jennifer and her loved ones.

General Discussion / Obama's Executive Order re: Immigration
« on: November 29, 2014, 07:50:51 PM »
Do you think it could help solve missing person cases, including Jen's?

General Discussion / Florida Secession?
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:13:58 PM »
It would have to pass a state vote and get approval from Congress, but lawmakers in southern Florida are supporting a secession to split the state in half:

I wonder if this would have any effect on Jennifer's case?? For better or worse? Orlando would be considered part of the "new sate," so what would happen if a tip came in from the old state and required investigation? Then you run into jurisdiction and differences between state laws. I can't decide if that would be for the better or worse. I wonder how the Kesses feel about this.

General Discussion / Somebody knows?
« on: October 11, 2014, 03:01:48 AM »
In almost every missing person case I've ever read about, people are always quoted as saying "Somebody knows what happened. They just need to come forward." Excluding the victim and the actual offender, what if that's not true? What if nobody knows? Does this theory come from actual evidence to suggest multiple parties were involved in the abduction of Jennifer and/or these other victims? Or is that just an educated guess? Because I'm thinking if somebody acted alone, they aren't likely to brag about what they've done because then somebody WOULD know and somebody would rat them out.

I'm just curious what others might think about this. I have always had a gut feeling that the right tip has been called in but was either overlooked or there just isn't the evidence to convict right now. As to whether or not there was more than one person involved in Jennifer's abduction, I do not know. It seems like there's a good possibility in her case. I have heard the Kesses say many times that they know somebody knows something and I'm curious how sure they are about this.

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