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General Discussion / Re: Second Unconcluded Podcast
« Last post by Find_Jennifer on August 16, 2017, 01:44:50 AM »
Hey guys,

Is everyone listening to the podcast? I've finally caught up and I think Sean is doing a great job. It's really interesting to hear about all of these people coming out of the woodwork with possible information. In a way it's a relief because we've gone so long with very little information/tips.

Is there anything that stands out to anyone that explains what happened?

I was most surprised that Jennifer would have visited the apartment rental company. That is very odd. She had just purchased a condo, but maybe she was looking into information for Rob to move to Orlando? I guess it would make sense that if he was going to move, she might not want him moving in with her right off the bat, so a short-term rental might make the most sense. The distance was an issue in their relationship and IIRC it was the subject of the "spat" they had the night of the 23rd.

I found the jewelry store recollection the most difficult to believe. I'm not discrediting the employee, but I question if it was really Jenn who she saw. I don't think Jenn would have been motivated by anything other than her freedom and reuniting with her family if she was being held against her will. Furthermore, I think Jenn would have found a way to get help. Based on everything I've heard about her, she is not a woman who could be easily controlled. If someone took her into a jewelry store I think she would have caused a scene, gone to the bathroom and written a note for help...something.

Regarding the most recent podcast, I am wondering how the woman who claims to have seen Jennifer's car behind her house knows that it is actually Jennifer's car? I have not seen anything distinct on Jenn's car such as a bumper sticker, and the Chevy Malibu is a very popular car...lots of people have them.

That's pretty much everything I have to say about the podcast thus far. I'm really happy with Sean's work and I hope we continue to learn more and finally bring Jenn home!
General Discussion / Re: crime watch daily
« Last post by wb on August 11, 2017, 01:36:11 PM »
I didn't hear about OPD wasn't involved much in crime watch show.  yess opd needs to be more active in Jennifer case.
General Discussion / Re: Two cars,lone abductor
« Last post by wb on August 11, 2017, 01:26:52 PM »
There could have been two abductors in this case.
General Discussion / Re: NecroSearch International
« Last post by wb on August 11, 2017, 01:23:47 PM »
Some very good thoughts J4J.
General Discussion / Re: chips.
« Last post by wb on August 10, 2017, 09:17:48 AM »
I saw the other day on nbc nighty news where one company was putting chips into people to make it easyer to get drinks and food out of a manchine.
General Discussion / hospital.
« Last post by wb on August 10, 2017, 09:04:40 AM »
Could POI be a Volunter who worked at a Hospital.  I use to be a volunteer at a hospital a few years back and when I did I had dark  pants and a white shirt.
General Discussion / Re: Second Unconcluded Podcast
« Last post by wb on August 01, 2017, 08:48:02 AM »
Not Yet.
General Discussion / Re: newspaper
« Last post by wb on July 31, 2017, 02:39:24 PM »
i was also wondering if jennifer subscribed to the newspaper,or if one of her neighbors did. im sure the sentinel comes early in the morning,and nobody knows the neighborhood like the paper carrier or the mailman.
   Good question MPEA.
General Discussion / Re: 11 Years
« Last post by wb on July 31, 2017, 01:53:15 PM »
Not a day goes by that I don't think about Jenn and the Kesses. Always hoping for a miracle. xoxo
   Me too Find-Jennifer. looking for a miracle.  and a end this nightmare for the kesse family.
General Discussion / Re: chips.
« Last post by wb on July 31, 2017, 01:36:21 PM »
Yes Yikes Find-Jennifer.
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