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General Discussion / Re: NEW Podcast
« Last post by wb on April 21, 2017, 03:36:47 PM »
As Find-Jennifer said.  thanks shaun for bring awareness to this case.
General Discussion / Re: welcome to our new member
« Last post by wb on April 21, 2017, 03:08:31 PM »
Welcome Shaun.
General Discussion / Re: NEW Podcast
« Last post by Shaun on April 16, 2017, 01:46:01 PM »
Just wanted to update that episode One is now Live......
General Discussion / Re: NEW Podcast
« Last post by Find_Jennifer on April 14, 2017, 12:12:10 AM »
Hi Shaun!

Always appreciative of anything bringing awareness to Jenn's case! Thank you!
General Discussion / NEW Podcast
« Last post by Shaun on April 10, 2017, 07:58:54 PM »
Well I'm not thinking about it anymore.

Unconcluded: Where is Jennifer Kesse?

A new podcast series covering her case, debuts next week.  Thought some of you may want to check It out.

Search "Unconcluded" or "Jennifer Kesse" on iTunes or Google Play

General Discussion / Podcast
« Last post by Shaun on April 06, 2017, 09:53:15 AM »
Hello everyone. I'm thinking about producing a podcast series about Jenifer's dissapearnce. Is there anyone with connections to this case that would be willing to talk with me?
General Discussion / Re: Tara Grinstead Murder Suspect Arrested
« Last post by Vivian on March 17, 2017, 05:47:50 PM »
Society has increased and changed, has our law enforcement changed as well?....Or, are they still doing things the good old way, if it's not broken don't fix it rule?.....But it seemingly is broken, missing people's cases are going unsolved in increasing numbers for decades....When law enforcement fails on a case due to being burned out or just not giving a D___ are they being held accountable?   Are there protocols in place for the evidence that should be collected for that specific case, whether it is burlary, murder, abductions?  Is there any  accountability if those protocols are not followed?  Or , is the failure to follow these protocols just swept under the rug, ie," law enforcement takes care of their own" mentality?

There were major mistakes in Jennifer's case by the OPD, ie, condo not processed, video not released of the POI in a timely manner, many coworkers of Jennifer's have stated they were never interviewed, the two original detectives never took a single note....God knows what else they missed.....From watching criminal show's Jennifer's case is not the only one where law enforcement failed to do their job....I am pro law enforcement usually but not when it involves someone's child or God forbid one of my children ....

The two original detectives retired shortly after Jennifer went missing  was anything done due their negligence in investigating Jennifers case ?  Were they reprimanded?  Did they lose some of their retirement pay because of that negligence ?  Or, did they go their merry way and retire and get away with their negligence?......They were dealing with a human being......Not only did they fail the Kesses's , they most of all failed Jennifer, a young woman with a lifetime ahead of her....

Law enforcement is merely a tool to solve crime, more often than not people solve crimes, they depend on people to  be their eyes and ears.....Why not give the public something to work with?

When you have a case that has languished for 11 years , when you have two grief stricken parents who are exhausted from 11 years of mourning their missing daughter , not knowing if she is dead or if one day she may walk through their door? Doesn't OPD owe them something more?  Has law enforcement looked into the faces of the Kesse's , the past 11 years has taken a tremendous toll on them, you can see the anguish that they have suffered .... Is  it not time to change tactics?

If I had a daughter that has been missing for 11 years , I would think more of the OPD if they did something and it turned out to be wrong than to do nothing......

Is it necessary for the OPD to keep EVERYTHING tightly to their vest?   Is there not a chance  that if they  were to release more information that it might jog someone's memory?  Could releasing more information possibly play on a witnesses conscience perhaps?

I have written to Payne Lindsey and to Dr. Godwin who some believe brought Tara Grinsteads case to where it is today asking them to please take a look at Jennifer's case next....Would some of you also write to them and ask for their help in bringing closure for the Kesses?  One horrible day one of us may find ourselves where the Kesse's have been for the past 11 years with a missing daughter and have to listen to an inept detective say  to us "if hunters don't find your daughter this year , they will the next"!!!!!

Let's ask Payne Lindsey and Dr. Maurice  Godwin for their help in solving Jennifer's case....
General Discussion / Re: Tara Grinstead Murder Suspect Arrested
« Last post by J4J on March 14, 2017, 08:07:29 AM »
I have never believed that Tara's and Jennifer's cases were connected either but stranger things have happened.....

We tend to believe that to be a victim of a crime one has to live a wild, unsafe, irresponsible lifestyle , throwing caution to the wind.....When we see a person who lives a safe , stable , responsible lifestyle going to work everyday, living the American dream with a home and family  become a victim of crime we quickly think of ourselves.... Many of us are a mere breath away from becoming a victim of crime...

Look at Tara, she was a stable, well educated person who loved her job, enjoyed helping her students,  she went to a bar b que one evening, stopped by a friend's house on the way home...The end of her life was awaiting her when she got home, her home, her safe place, her sanctuary....

And then there is Jennifer, much the same as Tara, she was  also a well educated young woman with a bright future ahead of her, she loved her job, she was living the American dream....She bought her condo only two months before her disappearance, went to work one day, came home and "poof" disappeared, never to be heard from again....

How can these things happen and remain unsolved for 11+ years?

I believe there is a great sickness pervading our country exacerbated by the invisibility and anonymity of the internet.......  As long as smut, porn, and images of violence against women can be accessed readily, without restriction or accountability, IMO this evil sickness will continue to happen and spread.......  I do not claim to understand this criminal mentality......... It is only through Tara Grinstead, Jennifer Kesse, Tracy Ocasio, Michelle Parker and Nicole Ganguzza that I have become aware of its very real existence in my own backyard.........  You're absolutely right, Vivian.........  We are all but one tiny misstep away from becoming victims as the criminal element seeps into our communities .......... stealing our beloved children....... and, with them, our hopes, dreams and wishes for the future........

How does it remain unsolved for 11+ years..........?  By collective choice and erroneous thinking........ Collectively, we stick our heads in the sand, refusing to acknowledge crime's existence........ we fail to act in a responsive or responsible manner at all.........  we are afraid association will spread this evil sickness to our own families ..... as though it is something we can "catch" ourselves......... or, worse still, by "tempting the hand of God" through "armchair investigation" thereby inviting it into our own homes......... We cower and choose not to get involved......

We believe the great lie: .......... That the police will solve it all by themselves ........ without help or interference from us .......... But for Payne Lindsey, Tara's case would have remained unsolved, if not for that one, all-important, crucial tip...........  And while most of us do not have critical information to share with authorities ........ we come from all backgrounds........ most certainly with different educations and experiences......... and important ideas, strengths and viewpoints that could possibly lead investigators in new directions......  Hopefully in a direct beeline to intercept that one, all-important and elusive tip.........

General Discussion / Re: Tara Grinstead Murder Suspect Arrested
« Last post by J4J on March 13, 2017, 07:05:40 PM »
That's a great idea.......  Maybe the Kesses could ask Payne Lindsey.......  What I saw of his documentary on Tara was very well done........  I haven't watched all the episodes yet....... But I thought he was onto something in getting folks to discuss Tara's case......... Apparently getting anybody to discuss Tara's case wasn't an easy thing to do......... Perhaps this is what is needed to jump start Jenn's case again.........  I don't think anything exciting has happened since Blink's reports came out.....
General Discussion / Re: Tara Grinstead Murder Suspect Arrested
« Last post by Find_Jennifer on March 06, 2017, 01:55:31 AM »
Hey all,

So unfortunate that the outcome of Tara's case is not the happy ending we had been hoping for, but hopefully this will bring the family closure.

What's interesting about the Ryan Duke charge is that it is burglary, which is oftentimes confused with robbery, and could just mean he entered her home without permission/wouldn't leave when asked/entered with harmful intention. I had no idea this was the definition of burglary.

I was so certain it was someone Tara had been intimately involved with, so for this guy to come out of the woodwork was quite shocking. I am hopeful that Payne Lindsey will consider covering Jennifer's case in the next Up and Vanished.
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