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General Discussion / Re: Tara Grinstead Murder Suspect Arrested
« Last post by Vivian on February 25, 2017, 02:25:07 PM »
I have never believed that Tara's and Jennifer's cases were connected either but stranger things have happened.....

We tend to believe that to be a victim of a crime one has to live a wild, unsafe, irresponsible lifestyle , throwing caution to the wind.....When we see a person who lives a safe , stable , responsible lifestyle going to work everyday, living the American dream with a home and family  become a victim of crime we quickly think of ourselves.... Many of us are a mere breath away from becoming a victim of crime...

Look at Tara, she was a stable, well educated person who loved her job, enjoyed helping her students,  she went to a bar b que one evening, stopped by a friend's house on the way home...The end of her life was awaiting her when she got home, her home, her safe place, her sanctuary....

And then there is Jennifer, much the same as Tara, she was  also a well educated young woman with a bright future ahead of her, she loved her job, she was living the American dream....She bought her condo only two months before her disappearance, went to work one day, came home and "poof" disappeared, never to be heard from again....

How can these things happen and remain unsolved for 11+ years?
General Discussion / Re: Tara Grinstead Murder Suspect Arrested
« Last post by J4J on February 24, 2017, 07:58:21 PM »
I have never believed Tara and Jennifer's cases to be connected in any way, other than they were both exquisitely beautiful young and successful career women in the prime of their lives.........  It's certainly tragic that so many young, beautiful and successful women in our country end up targets for depraved underachieving lowlifes whose only claim to fame is their attempt to destroy in their victims those very qualities which they cannot attain in life for themselves.......

General Discussion / Re: Tara Grinstead Murder Suspect Arrested
« Last post by Vivian on February 24, 2017, 03:22:16 PM »
The "rumor mill" is running full blast....there may be additonal arrest forthcoming.....I have also read that Ryan Dukes arrest is the "tip of the iceburg"....So, this is going to be interesting...

Over the years many have thought that Tara's and Jennifer's cases were connected someway.....Wouldn't it be wonderful if this arrest would bring about closure for the Kesse's and bring Jennifer home?   We can hope....
General Discussion / Tara Grinstead Murder Suspect Arrested
« Last post by J4J on February 24, 2017, 10:40:46 AM »
Ryan Alexander Duke has been arrested for the murder of Tara Grinstead from Ocilla, Georgia..... From what I read online, he had been a student at her school and had gone to her home to commit a robbery........?  A very sad ending for this sweet angel whom everyone was hoping would be found alive.......  Heartfelt prayers for her, her family and friends........ She is in His more merciful hands now......... Hopefully her body will be recovered and laid to rest so the healing can begin........ 
General Discussion / Re: 11 Years
« Last post by Vivian on February 19, 2017, 06:28:46 PM »
Perhaps if you called the Orlando Police Department and gave them your information as the FBI handed Jennifer's case back over to them several years ago...Hopefully , they would take your information seriously and followup on it....
General Discussion / Re: 11 Years
« Last post by MPEA on February 18, 2017, 10:07:14 PM »
              Never met any of the Kesse's,but I feel as though I have.Its been a long time that ive been following this and still there is no answer.Ive thought of several scenarios.My heart goes out to the family and Rob.Having someone so beautiful taken away from you and not knowing what happened has to be almost too much to bear.I just hope that somewhere down the road,we find out exactly what happened and that justice and closure can come to these people.Ive done a lot of digging over the years and have cme up with some possible scenarios,but I can never get the message to the right people.When I called the F.B.I to explain to them about a possible suspect,they sounded like I was a crackpot or something.But when you tell them you live 1000 miles away,they find it hard to believe that you could do this.I was born and raised 60 miles east of Orlando and lived there till I was thirty.I never like going there even when I was a kid.Big cities are always more crime infested then the smaller ones.I don't want to make this too long,but I believe the person responsible,actually went to the very first search for Jenn,and actually talked to the Kesse's.There was a picture in the Sentinel that showed the people in the search,he was in that picture.He also lived in Windemere at the time.This is the one I told the F.B.I. about ,but it was before Windermere was ever brought up.Sorry for being so long winded as usual.but I had to get it out.Call it a gut feeling,but it keeps haunting me.Still here after 11 years.
General Discussion / Re: 11 Years
« Last post by Vivian on January 29, 2017, 10:29:33 PM »
May 2017 be the Kesse's year for this nightmare to end....

Thinking of Jennifer, Joyce, Drew and Logan Kesse, wishing them great health and happiness.....
General Discussion / 11 Years
« Last post by Find_Jennifer on January 26, 2017, 02:52:46 AM »
Not a day goes by that I don't think about Jenn and the Kesses. Always hoping for a miracle. xoxo
General Discussion / Re: speeding ticket
« Last post by J4J on September 28, 2016, 07:15:51 PM »
General Discussion / Re: speeding ticket
« Last post by Vivian on September 19, 2016, 04:47:19 PM »
I have a lot of respect for Blink....
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