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General Discussion / Re: Five Years
« on: September 30, 2015, 10:46:35 PM »
Was unable to post on guestbook, maybe it will work here:
A migrant employee working near her condo may well have abducted her, passed her to the "client" or trafficker, returned her car to a nearby parking lot, slipped by the slow security cameras, and made his way back to work by 1PM (Jenn disappeared with her car around 7:30 AM) This POI was backtracked to within feet of her condo by a police dog, and why else would POI return to the scene of the crime, unless he did not want to be missed at work? However, as another poster has mentioned, Jennifer's abduction does seem like a stalking/kidnapping by someone who had close knowledge of her habits and movements. Somebody paid POI to deliver Jennifer to her captor (where she may still be today). It was a crime of opportunity, because she was taken while she was alone. It was a crime of passion because in Jennifer's personal life men had been rejected or at least broken off, and Jenn had just spent a week with a new boyfriend on the islands. If only ten years ago were today. With the advancements in surveillance, security, profiling and forensics, I believe POI would have been nabbed and his "boss" with him. However, somebody still knows today where she is. Somebody needs to have a change of heart and change of mind and come forward. This is what I pray for daily.

General Discussion / Re: I wonder
« on: November 28, 2014, 05:04:20 PM »
If I remember correctly, Bo the bloodhound tracked him from her car back to her condo before losing poi's scent. His scent probably disappeared into the car that picked him up, yes it would seem at the very scene of the crime,just minutes before the Kesse's would show up looking for her....If I recall, and correct me if I am wrong, her car sat there for a day or more before being reported to OPD...the actual "delivery' was time stamped at about 5 hours after Jennifer disappeared. I always thought it to be more than brazen to return to where the crime began just hours after she had been abducted...But then it also seemed obvious to me that POI was a worker at the condos and was picked up by a buddy/worker before they both quickly disappeared...If OPD showed the film to the foremen at the Condo work site, I doubt they could have IDed him...but they should have been required to look at that clip over an over again...since they enabled her abduction by not keeping basic records on their illegal workers, thereby letting the best suspects slip right through their fingers. They probably did not even know some of the workers' names or aliases

General Discussion / Have not been here for a year or two
« on: November 28, 2014, 04:42:47 PM »
After all the time away from this discussion, I keep coming back to two threads:

Number One: The executive airport located 1/2 or 3/4 hour's drive from Jennifer's condo..from where she could have been smuggled to Lord knows where on a private jet. Flight info for the day she disappeared was at one point available, for a hefty price, but now after all this time gone by? This is a stone which I had hoped the police would turn over.

Number 2:
 Was there a rebound guy at her work place that became vengeful when Jennifer moved on to Rob? Who may have sequestered her for a time before doing whatever he did, hopefully trafficking her and not killing her? Jennifer's computer and e-mail account not to mention phone records would shed light on this question...I wonder if this stone has been looked at? Did they grill all the male employees at her job site to measure their interest in Jennifer?

Still thinking and praying daily for Jennifer and for two other ladies who in my mind represent thousands of disappeared females in three categories: trafficking Jennifer Kesse), drug related (Melanie Metheny in WV) and serial killer (Estelle Mauzin, in France)..Pray for these three by name, out loud, every day and I believe good things will happen, hopefully soooner than later.

General Discussion / Posts I read this evening June 2, 2012
« on: June 02, 2012, 09:11:46 PM »
Sergeant Clites makes a point we have discussed here from years ago. POI definitely has a military look about him...his stride is definitely Army or maybe even Special Forces, his upper torso definitely a product of much training, his speed and no side to side glances a well planned exit strategy, his outfit probably planned to confuse (Is he a painter on his lunch break? Is he a stage hand at one of the local studios? A delivery person? ) Also the suggestion about NASA enhancement is well conceived. I believe it was done six years ago, but maybe technology has improved (I know it has) to the point that a re-look is in order, something to suggest to Drew. I have always thought that the POI mystery was/is one of those puzzles whose answer "is in plain sight." And that someone, like Sergeant Clites could have experience that would provide valuable parts to the profile/puzzle. Again, will suggest Drew contact him and "pick his brain." Interesting visit to the Guestbook this evening!

You may all remember this and thus it'll be a mere refresher or something entirely NEW to seriously consider.

In the beginning of this investigation there was a caller whom I believe was identified only as a woman, who called OPD's tip line and relayed what OPD considered to be a VERY STRONG LEAD in Jenn's abduction.
The caller indicated that she knew for fact as she had personally seen Jennifer, that she was being held against her will in a house located in Orange County @ 1414 40th Street (Orlando). Feel free to google the address in relation to Jenn's condo.

I began this line of research at that time and found that from Mosaic to 1414 40th St, the time to drive there is mere minutes (4), there are two ways of travelling there, both offering the same amount of time lapse, though not taking into account any sort of traffic or lights, pedestrians, etc. Again there are but a few minutes of driving and essentially one way of direct travel to link POI back to HOG. From HOG to Mosaic walking, I believe it was a short time distance of 18 minutes.
Now as we all know when Jenn's car was located and OPD brought out the tracking dogs, you may all remember that Jenn's scent was indeed tracked back to the FOOT OF HER STAIRS (leading to 2nd floor) and not the often 'possibly assumed' 'front door theory, this is to say either the direct lobby front entrance or to the oft mentioned directly outside her condo door on 2nd floor. (Drew has confirmed this.)
(Was it Jennifer?s or POI?s scent that was tracked back from HOG to Mosaic? Discovering Jennifer?s scent at the bottom of the stairs is one thing, POI?s quite another)

Since there was construction going on at the time of her abduction, I had once mentioned a suggestion that perhaps there was a ladder propped there in the interim before POI arrived back to condo.
Local 6 News Reporter Samantha Knapp reported that OPD w/ tracking dogs had searched a heavily wooded area near to where Jenn's car was located at HOG almost an entire week following Jenn's abduction. OPD reported to Knapp that 'a scent had been picked up in the woods.' (Though leaving general public to assumption this was in fact Jenn's scent, dogs can apparently pick up a scent up to a month later depending naturally on weather factors.)
(Danny the Canadian searcher would confirm this)

If I adhere to all whom believe that POI was indeed carrying either BILLM's idea (and others) of '2-3 items' (and that could indeed be plausible even though I cannot see it myself in that grainy 'crappy' video) then it very likely in my opinion could be that the POI met another in that general location and handed over her items and got his payment.
Here's my thought as it has been since the beginning and to which I have relayed (partially) to Drew in the past:
I think that the woman caller who provided her anonymous tip to OPD had in fact seen Jennifer. I DO strongly believe that she was abducted and forced into the sex trafficking industry; it's not in the least surprising to myself that there has been no contact from Jenn to her family, if in fact this is the case. This is a worldwide disease inflicting pain and suffering on many families who have missing loved ones; who've seemingly 'vanished.? Those who have managed to escape this industry (if they actually can speak out about what they experienced at all) have told authorities how they were 'kept' in silence and could not reach out.
Often their families, children etc had been filmed or photographed in some way as to use as a threat that something would happen to them (ie: death) if they didn't do as they were told. (Hence the possibility that DVD player was utilized in some way, even if it was Jenn's.)
It's possible that Jenn had been at this initial locale at 1414 40th Street and then moved on from there. Indeed there is that 5-6 hour window, however as we all concur and have confirmation, the mileage on her car and gas factor, derives the message her car wasn't used for any 'pleasure cruise' or far reaching location.

I believe that Jenn was abducted at the base of her stairs at the condo, (even) though she kept herself aware; if you look at the 2nd floor and travel down the staircase, I feel it's likely the POI was standing against the wall and grabbed her from there.

I also believe that POI was indeed working at Mosaic and if you look at the timeline; the condos were nearing completion approximately 2 weeks away and the security cameras were to be installed within the week. It's my feeling that Joe Blow landscaper would be less likely to know this fact and that the opportunity to take her on that day presented itself to POI, having been part of the plan.
(Truthseeker seems to be saying that someone familiar with the impending security upgrade was also privy to the abduction plans.)

I also feel that he had the idea to have done it sooner but something presented as a problem i.e., perhaps not expecting these 'unknown' guys to be staying at her apartment over the weekend.

There is little doubt in my mind and I'm going wholeheartedly with Jenn here: she knew. She obviously didn't know she'd be abducted, but she was bothered enough by all the leering stares and comments made whether in English or not; that she was being watched, at least some of the time. I think POI not only worked there but watched often enough to get a good idea of her schedule.
It has been mentioned in previous posts that there had been another time in the 3 months that Jenn lived at Mosaic where someone had unsuccessfully tried to open her door via a key, while she was in the apartment.

I do feel that POI had tried in the past as mentioned, perhaps this was him and he had been spooked or wanted to merely scare her and see if she'd do anything.

Now I don't know if she complained to KW Property Management or not, but if she didn't and only spoke to her family/Rob about it, then he may have felt more empowered that she wouldn't make a fuss when he actually did attempt the abduction.

During 2004-2005 reported that Mosaic was known as 'Tradition Apartments' before being bought up by ColdWell Banker the developers and restructured into Mosaic @ Millenia.

Hearsay from previous tenants of 'Tradition' mentions that 'there had been two robberies occurring in Jenn's building using a 'Master Key.' These crimes had been reported to both OPD and the property management company.

Another interesting avenue of exploration is the fact that ColdWell Banker being based in Atlanta (one of four major problem cities statistically listed as having a high rate of sex trafficking) and with a regional office based out of Orlando.
I recently watched a great documentary on the History or Discovery channel on a brand new procedure in relation to fingerprinting techniques out of England. Some of you may have heard of this already, however according to the documentary it's the latest technique in helping to solve 'cold' cases and perhaps may be of use with Jenn. A Forensic Scientist in England has been able to utilize a boiling and brushing of metal objects to release a print, can be used on small objects (like coins) all the way up the scale. Likely the FBI has the intelligence in relation to this procedure, but thought that it might be useful in mentioning it anyway.

2. I have wondered if there is anyway to place a blank dvd or something into the machine to find out what was last played on it?

I VERY strongly feel (and have since I first heard of this) that Jenn most likely (if being forced into the sex trafficking industry) was in turn forced to watch a video of her family. There has been a lot of overwhelming talk here in relation to the Stockholm Syndrome as a reason Jenn would not have yet contacted her family; however, there are many ways in which to force someone into believing that their life and especially (in early stages) the lives of those they love, would be at stake if they don't submit.

General Discussion / Re: Jenn's Car
« on: April 04, 2012, 07:38:37 PM »
I still think the car guy simply walked back to Mosaic to work, did it on his lunch hour (returned the car) meaning it probably was not far away that morning. Jennifer was probably put into an empty condo somewhere not far from Mosaic and "prepped" for want of a grosser term, to be trafficked, probably using the same route to S America via which drugs still come into Florida. I think she knew the abductor well, as in was her rebound guy pre Rob. This guy just showed up at her door (knowing her habits) and the surprise was enough to get her abducted. Then he got his vengeance in the ultimate way by selling her into prostitution. Why the LE will not de-engineer all of Jennifer's acquaintances, and it is still not too late to do this, is probably typical. On some level, OPD seems to be saying that it was somehow her fault. You will find this thinking in the following Huffington Post post from today's edition:

Good discussion, I guess my post was predictable, right?

General Discussion / Re: Timeline
« on: July 23, 2011, 08:13:33 PM »
Wow! Excellent work again....Just one question: Somewhere in all of these posts and timelines I think I remember the statement that Mosaic workers did NOT see her car in her driveway when they arrived...or was it maintenance/garden/yard workers..but someone was mildly surprised that she was already gone..Am I right in this recollection?

General Discussion / Re: Is this Jen ?
« on: July 23, 2011, 08:07:14 PM »
F_J good work as usual, no I mean really good work...I can imagine what kind of risks you take (in a digital sense) by going to these sites..but Drew really must just look at these videos.I will ask him if he has. But the nose on #2 does not look like Jennifer's bumpy broken nose...

General Discussion / Re: How can we Simplify the puzzle of this case?
« on: July 23, 2011, 07:59:44 PM »
Very valid questions, Pat, and I will try to relay the info from exchanges with Drew some time ago. and other forum members when we were hot on that topic.
Drew never really told me what he thought was on the slip of paper, maybe he never found out. The cigarette ashes, if that is what some of our sharp eyed writers have seen, were probably of the tow truck driver, who also "probably" strapped in the DVD player, although we cannot be sure. The keys and phone charger appear to be where someone, who Jennifer or POI?, left charger and NOT her car keys. The staged idea was a theory we played with that POI did the staging to try to leave some kind of message, but that is probably far fetched.
Hope this helps your thinking

General Discussion / Re: poi shoes.
« on: July 18, 2011, 09:03:38 PM »
He doesn't seem to have much of a neck, or it is so muscled up that it kind of disappears into his massive upper body area..his biceps do look huge, and I don't think i8t is camera distortion..and his gait is longer than normal, like 5 foot paces (I may be overestimating) I see alot of training or at least body building in the way he carries himself (and I say him, because I am not sure a female coulod walk that walk.

The FBI is currently following up leads (concerning Jennifer Kesse) in Colombia and why would they do that unless the illegals were actually undercover from one of the many drug cartels which have diversified into gun smuggling and you guessed it, human trafficking.

General Discussion / Re: What happened to this forum??
« on: July 18, 2011, 08:49:57 PM »
This thread is another example of self having to defend self...fine as far as that goes...but it is not why this forum exists. Short posts,concise and dealing with just one thread, are the best and easiest to follow up..This thread has too many loose ends..and is one reason the oldies just stand back and watch..Excuse my French but if it ain't spot on about Jennifer, it ain't worth the time I have put in to this reply, ironically.
But we are all here, even jd probably looks in from time to time..but over the long haul, it is hard to go back over the same scenarios...

Maybe I missed something, but after reading 3 pages of posts on this topic (if you can call it that), I can't say that any one idea pops out..just alot of free associatng, feelings out there and easily stepped on, but nothing substantial in helping us find Jennifer

And of course she didn't go out to a bar after hanging up from talking with Rob..she went to bed.

Jennifer was either abducted by someone she knew well enough to let him/them get too close or she was abducted as a special op.

I go with the special op because her phone was not turned on on D-Day, not long enough to leave any trace.

Otherwise the phone not being on would look like she left it off on purpose, which really takes me too far away from what I think happened...

Let's stay focused and on topic..and let us not Facebook this blog into being all about me and gee you are acting immature and I don't know if I want to stay on this site.....

We come here for one reason only..anyhing else is a waste of time and energy

General Discussion / Re: case similarities
« on: July 12, 2011, 09:17:11 PM »
Scratch the paid attention to working out for was NOT her thing.

General Discussion / Re: Long list of observations and a theory
« on: July 12, 2011, 09:14:31 PM »
What if the perps who kidnapped Jennifer were illegals working for Westgate, not Mosaic, with a help from an illegal at Mosaic (perhaps to deliver the car to HOG) What if Jennifer had been selected  for "export" by one of the many drug gangs working in Orlando? What if a group like the Zetas (still) have their operatives blend into the illegals background until they are given a mission. And what if Jennifer was one of their missions? And what if she was put into the same pipeline that brings drugs into FL, as destination one of the extremely drug friendly south American countries?

Every bit as plausible as the low grade stalker who just dumb lucked his way through the whole thing by himself! So where was Jennifer while he returned her car to HOG and then went back to work, probably after lunch, at Mosaic?

Alot of things have happened in trafficking and the drug trade that LE is way behind on..and if it happens to be centered outside of the USA??? Who is going to investigate? The FBI, maybe.

What happened to Jennifer was planned by pros, not some love sick collector type stalker. What happened to Jennifer was for business first, and somebody's pleasure later...heck we are not even sure her car was used in the abduction..the return may just be another subterfuge.

No, someday we will know, and until then I will always go with my first hunch on this..abduction and sale out of US.

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